Reciprocating compressors


GDR brings advanced technology in fluid compression to reality with the introduction of highly and rugged compressors specifically built to withstand the compression demand in oil and gas operations. GDR offers Ariel Compressor Packages that contains robust reciprocating designed for various oil and gas activities such as gas-lifting, and several other operations. These reciprocating compressors from Ariel offer the best in terms of horsepower and compression capacities.

GDR offers custom compressor packages where our expert will access your process compression need and design a befitting and suitable Ariel compressor that can easily fit into your process lines. Our compressors are purpose-built to maximize performance and longevity while minimizing cost and breakdowns. Whether you need just a single compressor or a fleet of compressors for your process, GDR has compressors that will perfectly fit your compression demands

With GDR Compressor Packages, you would enjoy the following:

Industry Best Warranty

GDR offer one of the most generous and comprehensive warranties available in the industry today. Our warranty is extensive in the sense that it covers 100% of the complete compressors and parts for up to 12 months from commissioning. The major parts such as the connecting rods, crankshaft, crankcase, crosshead, crosshead guides and others are completely covered for 36 months from the shipment of the products. Within this lengthy period, you can utilize 100% original parts as covered by the service level agreement.

Excellent Customer Support

At GDR, we believe in steadily supporting our clients to succeed. As such, we bring the best engineering support and manufacturing practices to our compressor packages. We offer technical support that drives and improves performance while minimizing downtimes. Our 24/7 customer support channel is always open to support our clients from different continents of the world making sure we are never far away from you.


GDR offer Reciprocating Compressors Packages includes:

Small Line Compressors BHP Range 85 – 860

These compressors are workhorses in the oil and gas field operations. They are designed to seamlessly pair with high spend drives to deliver steady metric volumes from the inbuilt high-pressure cylinders. They are suitable for gas lifting for gas fields.

Medium Line Compressors BHP Range 620 – 5,520

These are tireless compressors are designed to match a steady operation. They are equipped with high-grade internal parts that support the continuous operation of the oil and gas fields. These compressors can handle regular operations in the oil and gas fields.

Large Line Compressors BHP Range 2,070 – 10,000

These are the mules in compressions with high compression capacity that requires robust and heavy-duty electric motors to deliver high horsepower. They are heavy duty compressors designed for large compression demanding operations in the oil and gas fields.

Custom Compressors

GDR offer custom-built compressors specially designed to match your process and project needs. We provide compressors with the highest level of reliability and performance to support your operations and reduce downtimes.

GDR is available to take your request. Get in touch and benefit from our comprehensive packages.

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