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Drilling fluid is to drilling operations what the blood is to the body. Only a liquid but it is far one of the most important aspects of drilling operations. Accurate selections and preparation of these fluids can go a long in determining the outcome of a drilling project. GDR offers only the best drilling and completion fluid that meets industrial standards and is approved by the API for all our projects.

We understand the importance of these chemicals to the extraction of oil and gas from a well and thus pay critical attention to all the parameters to ensure they are within industrial specifications. Our drilling and completion fluid products are specially formulated to have the right properties that support and enhance safe and efficient drilling operations.

We these categories of drilling and completion fluids:

  • Water-Based Muds (WBs)
  • Oil-Based Muds (OBs)/Synthetic-Based Fluids (SBFs)
  • Gaseous Drilling Fluid


GDR offers customs and off the shelf drilling and completions specifically tailored to match your peculiar drilling needs. Our team of vast learned and experienced Drilling and Completions Fluid Expert are abreast with the peculiarities of oilfields and are equipped to provide the most cost-effective solution for your project.

We have an excellent business agreement with top brands of drilling and completion fluid manufacturers in the United States which guarantees our steady supply of the best brands of fluids. 

Our drilling and completion products are carefully formulated to offer the following to your operations:

  • Efficient and effective cuttings removal from the wellbore
  • Proper wellbore permeable formation sealing
  • Good control of formation pressure
  • Excellent wellbore stability maintenance
  • Efficient cooling and lubrication of the drillings bit
  • Effective transmissions of rotation to downhole tools


GDR provides tested and trusted drilling and completion chemicals formulations that will meet your organization cost, technical performance, and environmental impact as well. You can trust our chemicals composition to deliver the right result for your operations.

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