GDR Resources Limited is a private, independent, international company with over 20 years of experience as a service provider to exploration and production companies around the world. GDR is a large company with a presence in Angola, Brazil, Equatorial Guinea, Ecuador, Guyana, India, the United States, Nigeria, and Mozambique. In the past 20 years, we have completed several projects that span across the different areas of the oil and gas industry.

At GDR, we promote and entrench sustainability in all operations as such we carry out processes in an environmentally friendly manner and contribute our quota to carbon footprint reduction. We understand the full impact of the exploration and production activities on the environment and have put mitigative plans in place. In addition, our HSE team has developed a robust and comprehensive HSE plan which forms the core of all our operations. At GDR, we use diversity in creativity and commitment to face the complexities of each operation, and we emphasize HSE Safety, innovation, and management skills in conducting business. Every day, we seek to reach our objectives of growth and sustainability while not compromising international safety standards.

Four key elements form the core of our business at GDR:

  • Our People

At GDR, we place a high value on our people, and we believe that our people are our greatest asset. As our greatest assets, we prioritize the upskilling, welfare, and safety of our proactive and dynamic team by providing the best working environment where growth and hard work is highly recognized and encouraged.

  • Health & Safety

GDR places the safety of lives and equipment above everything else. Safety first is the slogan that drives the high performance and reliability achieved in all our activities. We have developed a comprehensive HSE plan for our employees and contractors which pilots our activities. We entrench maximum compliance and adherence for all employees and contractors to all our safety guidelines within our business units.

  • Integrity

At GDR, we conduct our businesses in such a manner that portrays our true transparency and consistency and as such has built an impeccable reputation in the oil and gas sector globally. We abide by all prevailing laws and regulations regarding our operations in all the countries we operate. Through our consistency and reliability, we have forged great partnerships with other tops in the oil and gas section around the world. As we continue to grow and evolve, we will constantly strive to sustain our immaculate brand.

  • Sustainability

At GDR, sustainability forms the core of all our activities. Our activities are aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (“UN SDGs”) which pilot and direct our operations in all the countries we operate. Our vision as a company is properly aligned to the UN SGDs which are most relevant to our sector which instills in us the drive to support and leave a better environment for the next generation.

Our Strategy at GDR

Our key strategy is to fully utilize and optimize the technical expertise of in-house talents and operational infrastructure while focusing on the expansion and development of new opportunities. Mutual relationships with our host communities while bringing peace and access to local talents will foster our growth and development of new opportunities.


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